Staying Safe While Going For A Night Walk

If you are a bit of a night owl, or if you just enjoy getting outside when things are dark and a bit more quiet, it can be really pleasant to add a nice, relaxing nighttime walk to your day. But of course, when you walk at night, you are a lot more difficult for drivers to see than you would be while walking during the day, so you need to make sure that you take the proper precautions when going out for a walk at night.

Wear reflective clothing: When you are walking at night, you will want to wear something that will reflect the lights of headlights, as this will ensure that drivers see you long before they would be able to if you were simply wearing normal clothes. Take some time to shop for reflective clothing designed for walking, and you can go out at night feeling much safer; also, there are reflective shoes that you can buy, and there are even devices that flash (similar to a bicycle flash), which makes it much easier for drivers to see you.

Know where you are: It will be a lot easier for drivers to see you when you wear reflective gear, but this is no guarantee that every driver on the road will be paying attention, which is why you should only walk in places that you have walked during the day before, as this will enable you to know exactly where you can step off the road or jump out of the way if the need arises.

Pay attention: And of course, paying attention while you are walking at night is extremely important! Unlike walking during the day – when you can put in your headphones and shut out the world – you need to remain attentive while you are walking at night in order to avoid being taken by surprise; and in any case, part of the fun of night walking is the quiet all around you, so you have every reason to leave those headphones at home and enjoy the night!


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