About Raw Dog Food Diet

Almost everyone is concerned now days about what they put in their bodies when they eat. People are interested in going organic and find that raw food diets are for them. That craze has now carried over to dog food. People have realized the benefits to eatting less processed foods and have carried this over to their animals as well.

They are claiming pets who eat raw food are healthier over all. It is reported that they ultimately eat less food and absorb more of the nutrients. Cats who eat raw food diets suppsoedly suffer from less hairballs than those on a traditional food. Dogs who are fed a raw food diet have healthier coats and have more energy but are not hyper.

One of the most common raw food diets is the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. This can be read about in the book Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs This is a great book to consult about switching your dog over and the benefits of doing so. The BARF diet doens’t just consist of meat. You feed your dogs steamed vegetables such as carrots, greens, and potatoes. This diet is very different then what you will find in processed foods.

Processed dog food is full of fillers like corn, which is not particularly healthy. Healthy Food For Dogs Homemade Recipes is a great reference for different recipes for your dog. It doesn’t just cover food, but also how to make home made shampoos. Switching to a raw food diet isn’t all that much more expensive than feedign a higher quality dog food, and contains much less filler.

The BARF diet can help to increase your dogs life and decrease the risk of diabetes and allergic reaction to corn and fillers found in traditional food.


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